Bedsheet is a series of actions in a ring-house in Moscow, the so-called "bagel" - a round nine-storey building that was built in the 70s. The house was designed as a city in miniature with all necessary infrastructure: shops, laundry, tailors, post office, and the circular courtyard could fit a football stadium.

In Soviet times, the house residents were often friends with each other, and good neighborly relations were commonplace and meant comfortable living conditions for normal social life. Today chatting with the neighbors almost never happens, and in general a new communication standard emerged for the urban life, that is - virtual communication through emails and social networks. The author believes that this significantly changes the psychological atmosphere in the community.

The project became a platform for the experiment to overcome the dominant online communication. For this artist hangs - without notice - bedsheets in the yard "to dry", on which there are printed stories of the house tenants, collected in advance (via speaking with the house residents). These bedsheets with personal, funny or touching stories hopefully serve as a pretext for live communication between the viewers and create a kind of a social network offline. A white bedsheet with short text substitutes for a post online. The series ends with a meeting of the artist with the tenants of the house, an evening talk with bagels and showing video documentation of the project. The project is exhibited in Moscow in the framework of "Expanding Space: art practices in the urban environment" program by V-A-C. The exhibition presents a table with newspaper zines on the project and the video documentation of the project.

Video 7:20
Zines - 500 copies, A3, English translation of the zine

Bedsheet in the Case Studies of the Institute For Public Art

The project received support from Urban Urge Awards and V-A-C Foundation.

Article in FerraraItaly by Simonetta Sandri.

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