self-published book
Svetlana Kastyukevich (photography)
Lena Kholkina (design)
13x18cm, soft cover, digitally printed, hand-bound
Limited edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered

COST - 35 euros + postage (цена в рублях - 1800 р)

To order/inquire/comment please email at eholkina@gmail.com

Quotes from the book:
" There is a place downtown Moscow, “Gaidarovets” community center. Inside – a hundred of hobby groups and classes, a hundred of Chinese Greek statues, paintings, a hundred of paper faceless people and totally parallel reality."

"32-year old girl with a plush dog was dashing round the rooms of the community center shouting that she was doing the project “a hundred portraits with a dog”, thinking: they are crazy, they are crazy. Confused in the heat, instead of “a hundred portraits with a dog” she was saying “Hello, I’m Sveta the photographer, I’m shooting the project a hundred per cent with a dog”. None of eighty people was surprised. They took the dog, stood in front of the camera and started smiling. The girl said: there, don’t smile, you’re standing with a dog, - and they grew solemn. And no one asked: what's the fucking logic?!"

Artist statement:
"I сould say that it is a research of «imperceptible» Moscow and «imperceptible» people, our synthetical contact through the random thing, the borders between us or our total convergence. But I won’t. Cause my name is Sveta, I’m a photographer, I am just shooting the project "a hundred per cent withdog". Take the dog. Stand still and for God’s sake don’t smile – remember what are you standing with".

Sample spreads: