two new zines are now up online - please meet Your cat and Pink :)

i'm selling calendars for 2015 and warm sweatshirts with Vobortens imagery here.

some of my works from Dark Matters series and Self-portraits series are now represented by ARTchoice in Moscow.
exhibition "Where we are" in Gogol centre in November. more info here.

new fashion shoot is out in Superior magazine. see more here.

our ICA Moscow graduation exhibition was shown in the Random gallery in October.
more info on my diploma project VOBORTENS here.

my new project Go-went-gone is now up online. more info here.

i've added Subscribe button to the navigation panel on the left, so if you want to get occasional updates on what i do - welcome!

Some prints of mine are available for sale, with generous support from Ptichka Gallery in Moscow.
Please check editions, sizes and images here.

my new project Go-went-gone will be on show in SOKOL CCA from 7 Oct till 4 Nov in the "Space of no exception" exhibition.
the project consists of posters, stickers and a video. a photo from the installation process :)
more info will be available soon.

Russian photobooks including my books Did we ever meet? and Artek are now on show in Aarhus Photobook week.

our exhibition We-ll-timed is now on show in Minsk, till 15 October

F-magazine published an interesting article full of interviews with Russian self-publishers.
read who and why is making the books in Russia.

Calvert Journal about Russian and Ukrainian photobooks at Unseen.

Doorways among Unseen Shortlisted books :) see more info or order the book here.

Did we ever meet? is currently on show in the framework of the Bulldozer exhibition 40 years later in Belyaevo gallery in Moscow, till 12 October.
see a TV story about the exhib.

we are bringing a Russian photobooks table to Unseen! my books Did we ever meet? and Artek will be on sale.
read an article at Fotodepartament.

Calvert Journal about Russian DIY books

taking part in the exhibition "Institute.Production" in Kazan, till 19 Sept, with the project Skyward.

happy to share the news - i'm one of the winners of the Urban Urge Grants this year!!!
the grant i'm getting will go into a new project of mine called Bedsheets!
coming soon, on Moscow streets.

new shoot - Nick for Yearbook Fanzine.
see more here.

here's the news i've been waiting for! my new book Doorways has been shortlisted for UNSEEN Dummy Award!
see more info about the book here.

work and fun (read FUN and work) in the ICA Summer school :) diary here.

now my prints can be bought at PTICHKA gallery!

taking part in the STUDENT ART PROM exhibition in Artplay gallery, Moscow - till 29 August, with my project "In the shadow".
more info here.

my self-portraits in Meow magazine. more here.

very happy to take part in MANIFESTA 10 Parallel events program in St.Petersburg with my project Skyward - till 3 August. more info here.

new shoot - designers for Lookatme. enjoyed the company of talented people! see more here and here.

Did we ever meet? on Self Publish Be Happy

for the exhibition «We-ll-timed» (Fotodepartament gallery, St.Petersburg, till 31 August) i've made a magic navigable carpet called "Recreation".
more info about the project.

my zine about Artek camp takes part in St.Petersburg in "I'mpressed" self-published books exhibition - Taiga gallery, till 22 June

end of spring - we are celebrating by doing photographic projections in
Strelka Institute and the Space pavilion, VDNKH Moscow. see more projections here.

our contemporary dance performance in TSEKH Moscow - on 30 May.

new hand-made zine about Artek camp in the Crimea! more info and order here.

amazing experience and a lovely little group book = Akina books workshop! love love love

"Perception Transfers" - i'm part of ICA Moscow exhibition in SOKOL CCA gallery, till 5 June,
with the project Don't trust your eyes (photographs, projection and dance).

my books are taking part in Self Publish Riga! thank you Fotodepartament for looking after them!

a mention on Worbz.com

my self-portraits are taking part in the Silver Camera exhibition in Moscow, February 2014

Calvert Journal is running a story about Did we ever meet?

our student exhibition in ICA Moscow till 27 Dec - in Sretensky boulevard, Ilya Kabakov studio.

Did we ever meet? is on view in St.Petersburg till 20 January!

this has been a fantastic workshop with FOAM magazine in St.Petersburg! a big up to Fotodepartament for organizing it!

coolest news ever is that "Did we ever meet?" won "Rock your Dummy!" contest in Paris!!!
more info in the Calvert journal and at Le Photobook Fest website. thank you so much, Nathalie!
earlier Tanya Palyga wrote a blog feature about the book for Der Greif magazine. check it out!

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