5 Hills Story
Photographer - Vlada Krasilnikova
Book design - Vlada Krasilnikova, Lena Kholkina


Self-published photobook, manually bound
limited edition of 20 copies, signed and numbered
20,5 x 18 cm, 48 pages, varied page sizes
cost - 60 euros + postage (цена в рублях - 2600 р)

Every month I take a flight from Moscow to Pyatigorsk.
My two grandmothers live there alone in a house.
The house is 75 years old.
My grandmothers are 95 and 100 years old.
Pyatigorsk in Russian means "five hills".

Kapitolina Ivanovna and Anna Ivanovna are sisters who have been living together for 95 years. They never parted from each other. Their husbands died in the World War II, and the two of them took care of their parents, raised Anna Ivanovna's children and today the whole world for them is divided in two parts - their own house and outer world that brings nothing but danger and trouble. People and things have changed a lot, and the two sisters are the same as they were many years ago. They spend the days inside the house, surrounded by the numerous things they have gathered during life.

I wanted this book to be as fragile as they are, and as chaotic and mazing as their house is.

The cover is made of candy box paper. Grandmothers keep a lot of stuff in old candy boxes, all sorts of things no one ever remembers where they even come from.

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PRINT #1, limited edition of 5

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