new fashion story - Darina. fascinating girl, from the 80s? talks a lot and is charming charming charming.

diary from China
and it's as messy and windowy as was our trip
video here, David Lynch was with us everywhere

"the virgin suicides" is in the N.E.E.T. Magazine Issue 018. thank you so much Stephanie J :)

in the meantime Fotodelo magazine mentions Dasha Alexandrova and me among graduates of the year :) thank you Photoplay school, you are the best! bigger image here

back from china :)
diary coming soon

the virgin suicides fashion story. thank you dreamandawake for wonderful dresses!

circus fashion story

model test
Olga at home

backyard fashion story

grunge fashions, inspired by the look of popular Seattle-based rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, were a fashion sensation of the early to mid-1990s. the casual street look eventually became incorporated into the designs of high fashion.

roadside picnic movie and fashion story

aliens have visited the Earth, and departed, leaving behind a number of artifacts of their incomprehensibly advanced technology. the places where such artifacts were left behind are areas of great danger, studded with space-time anomalies...

top & les
*les = forest (Russian)

Screen test #4

screen tests and factory shoot we did in homage to andy warhol and his sixties.
we are very much in love with this atmosphere.

like a squeezed orange
выжатый лимон